Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pliva Pills Identification

  • What is "Pliva"? Is it a special drug?
No, it is not a drug. PLIVA, Inc. is the name of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a great variety of different drugs.

  • Are all PLIVA pills different medications?
Most of them are different. But you may often find the same drugs under different PLIVA indexes because Pliva, Inc. manufactures some of them in different strengths.

  • If I find several pills indexed with "PLIVA" letters, how do I tell one from another?
You only have to know the number debossed or imprinted on the pill. In PLIVA listing, different medicines (or strengths) are indexed with different numbers.

As the information on some medications is not always easily available, we hope this blog can be useful for those who try to identify their pills without making any extra effort. We are doing our best to make pills identification as simple as possible.

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